Loog Piano: march update

Making of the Loog Piano: March Update

Hello folks!

It's been a while and I hope this update finds you well. I owed you an update and although I don't have a ton of news to share, I didn't want to skip a whole month, so here I go:

  • Things are progressing well and we are still on track to finish production and start shipping before the end of April.
  • As mentioned in our previous update, the factory completed a set of new production sample units (made with all the exact materials and processes than the ones in the mass production batch) and they look and sound great! We had Susan from our team inspecting everything at the factory, and now these Loog Pianos are en route to our office so that I can check them in person. They should arrive next week; can't wait!
  • We managed to solve most of the issues in the previous samples, and we are still working on getting a few details right (see images below).

Now I'm waiting for these samples to arrive and perform a final inspection by our team so that we can green-light production of batch #01, which will be 5,000 units!

I'm hoping that our next update -mid April- will be a heads up that you'll receive the survey emails for you to confirm shipping details and that we'll be shipping soon. 

Thanks again for your patience and continued support. Here are a few photos showing what we've been working on in this past month:

From our QC report, asking if we are OK with that USB-C port not being ultra hyper centered. We are, to be honest :)
Two production sample units traveling to our office, with two different speakers for us to compare the sound and decide. 
Status spreadsheet going over some of the pending points, so that the folks from the factory and us can be on the same page.
Email exchange with the factory: we still need to fine tune the packaging dimensions to make sure the Loog Piano fits tight, is well protected, and there are no marks on the top fabric.
The Loog logo came a bit too rounded so we are still trying to get the mold right.
A few options that we considered for the octave shifter design. You are not supposed to have seen this :)

Till next month, folks!


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