National Bike Month at Loog Guitars

National Bike Month at Loog Guitars

In case you haven’t heard yet, May is National Bike Month. All over the country people are finally daring to ride their bikes and enjoy the welcoming change in weather. May 8 was Bike to School Day and today, Friday 17, is Bike to Work Day.

Why an entire month to celebrate riding a bike? Well, according to the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, commuting by bike has grown 47% since 2000, a number that goes up to 80% when considering the most bike-friendly cities (you can check out how your city scores up here). This is a good thing – riding a bike is a great way to cut on carbon emissions, do your part to take care of the planet and get fit in the meantime.

If Bike to Work Day is news for you and you’ve left your bike at home, don’t worry – you still have two weeks to partake in the 4 billion bike trips happening annually in the US (and all summer as well!). Plus, cities around the country are holding special events throughout the month to finally take in a little sunshine on two wheels. You can check out what’s happening near you at the League of American Bicyclist’s nifty search page.

As for us, apart from riding our bikes to the office today we’ve also put together a little bicycle-centric playlist. Keep in mind, though, that wearing headphones to listen to music while riding in the street is illegal in many states. You’re probably allowed to do it on bike paths but the debate on whether this is wise is a heated one. Our take? Just take a listen half an hour before work is over to get your mind all geared up

So, in the words of Freddy Mercury, bicycles races are coming your way so forget all your duties!

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