New Year, New Loog Guitar Giveaway

**UPDATE: Entries for the Loog Guitar Holiday Giveaway have already been closed, but feel free to continue sharing your favorite songs of 2012!**

Loog Guitar

These were some pretty sweet Holidays for us at Loog. Not only did we have the honor of making it into many kids’ Christmas lists, this New Year sealed the perfect ending to what was, by all means, a great year.

So instead of just waking up on January 2 and coming off the Holiday-induced sugar high like most adults, we’re going to keep on celebrating. And what better way to do so than with a Loog Guitar Giveaway?

Just like last year, one of you will get their own Loog delivered straight to their door – for free. And to keep it simple, all you have to do is comment on this post and tell us what was the best song of 2012. Any song. Any artist. And, again, no judging (at least publicly).

On Wednesday, January 9th, we’ll pick the winner at random and announce it on this blog. That’s an entire week to get a shot at winning what could very well be your first gift of 2013 – and the first of many surprises we have in store for you this year. May the sugar high be ever in your favor

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