Production / Shipping Update

Dear friends,

Apologies for the lack of updates these past weeks. First, the bad news: we will be missing the deadline once again, and we’ll be now delivering most of the guitars in August, and a few in September. My sincere apologies for this. The good news: we are finally done with the first batch of production, the guitars look and sound amazing, and they have passed all the laboratory testings and safety certifications mandatory for children’s products. We are still adjusting a few things about the packaging and the fulfillment process and that is why we are not yet ready to ship the guitars right away, but with production and testing over, believe us, we are now almost there.

There’s a lot of reasons why we are behind: production proved more difficult than expected, dramatic delays from some of our suppliers, last-minute design adjustments, but mostly my own inexperience, since these issues are normal and I should have taken them into account before committing to the previous deadlines.

Anyways, back to the good news: we are done with the first run of guitars that will cover all Loog I and Loog III orders. The Loog II (the one that looks like an electric guitar) was by far the most popular model, and because of this our first run will still leave behind a few Loog II backers. We should be able to deliver 80% of our Loog II orders in August and the rest in September.

I’m relieved that the production process is finally coming to an end and I’m very happy with how the guitars are coming out, but I’m also embarrassed to have missed the deadline again. I know that for some of you these new delivery dates will be disappointing and will not work because you’ll be missing a birthday or other reasons. Again, my sincere apologies for this. If this is your case and the new dates are unacceptable to you, for whatever reason, please write to me a direct message and we’ll try to work it out. To be clear: if you need to cancel your order, I won’t be happy (with myself), but I’ll refund you in a second. It’s your right and it was my mistake to promise a delivery date I could not commit to. Having said that, if you hang in there for a few more weeks I promise that soon you’ll be the proud owner of a beautiful Loog Guitar, historic first batch Kickstarter edition

In any case, thanks a million once again for your continued support, patience and good vibrations! Be sure that we are working day and night, taking every necessary step to make an amazing instrument you can be really proud of. Apart from the delays, things are going great: the guitars look and sound amazing and I’m sure you’ll love them when you get them in your hands.



ps: a few almost-finished (pre-varnish) Loog Guitars pics below

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