Production Update

Hello friends,

With only one more week until May is over, we are sorry to say that we will not be able to ship the guitars on our original deadline. I can’t really blame this delay on some unexpected production problem, it’s just that I was overly optimistic at first and did not count on all the steps necessary to bring these guitars to you. For instance, since the Loog Guitar is intended for children, there are quite a few laboratory tests we need to perform in order to comply with government standards. Also, because we want all parts to be interchangeable, we need to be extremely rigorous in the compatibility tests to make sure that every single guitar-neck fits on every single guitar-body. So these are the two major reasons why the Loog Guitars still need a little bit more time in the oven before they can be shipped to you. In any case, it was my mistake to have committed to May and I sincerely applogize for that.

As for a new shipping date, we think that late-June for the first 200 guitars and mid-July for the other half of the orders is a safer and more realistic goal. I know some of you wanted to give your Loog Guitar as a birthday present and it really breaks my heart to miss the deadline, but I hope you understand that we don’t want to deliver a sub-tested product and take any chances. If by any reason this is not acceptable to you, please send us a direct message (through the message tool on Kickstarter, not the comments, please) and we will look into each case and try to work it out.

Lastly, and because every bad news should be followed by good news, we do have a treat for you: we have decided that we will ship all guitars with all five pickguards so that you get all five colors. Hope you like this! Anyway, we will keep you posted on how things go and if you have any specific question or comment, please write to us and we will respond as soon as we can.

Thanks again for all your support and your patience.



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