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Scott’s Loog Guitar: From Nursery Rhymes to Sheer Rock ‘n Roll

More tunes from our amazing community! Scott Kramer got a Loog II to teach his grandkids music but quickly fell in love with it. “One thing led to another and a lazy Sunday afternoon found me sitting in front of my computer,” he tells us in an email. “About an hour or two in Garage […] -- Find out more at

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Neutral Milk Hotel Gets the Loog Treatment

Look what we’ve got! Nacho from Uruguay recorded this sweet rendition of The Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel on his new Loog. Considering it’s one of the Loog Team’s favorite songs ever, we couldn’t resist sharing it with you. The perfect tune to start spring with a smile on your face: Thanks […] -- Find out more at

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Loog + Kids = Adorable!

We keep saying that the Loog isn’t just for kids… but kids definitely are our cutest players yet. Here’s Vivian, for instance, showing us her skills with her brand new, untuned Loog III: And this is three year-old Sean, who we’re told still does a rocking version of The Wheels of the Bus to this […] -- Find out more at

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New Loog Lesson by Keni Lee!

Last time, Keni Lee Burgess -Loog Guitar rocker and street musician extraordinaire- taught us the Blues Shuffle Rhythm. This week, he shows you how to take it to the next level using your creativity and imagination – and start your own band! If you’re new to the Loog world, check out Keni Lee’s Lesson #1, […] -- Find out more at

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Seven Year-old Rocks the Loog After Two Lessons

We received another video from David Mills, our favorite music teacher from the Neighborhood Music School (NMS) in CT! This time, David and a seven year-old student from the NMS play Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds, each of them on a Loog. And guess what? This is right after the student’s second guitar lesson. Hear […] -- Find out more at

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