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A Monkey, a Boat and a Loog Guitar

We got something in the mail we’re super excited to share with you! Barry G, member of the Dream Jam Kids, will be soon releasing Huh-uh, his first solo album, on myKaZoo Music/Universal. He recently sent a video of one of his songs and guess what? There’s a Loog in it! Check out Barry G’s Captain […] -- Find out more at

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The Loog Guide to Kindiefest’s Sunday Festival

It’s that time of year again! In just hours, the 4th annual edition of Kindiefest will open in Brooklyn for all of those lucky enough to attend. The entire event promises all people involved in kids’ music an informative, fun and playful time – and a free Loog Guitar if you’re one of our three […] -- Find out more at

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