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Loog Guitars’ Where Is Spring Playlist

Don’t know about you, but we’re really tired of the weather not making up its mind. It’s been a month since spring started – allegedly – and it’s still not that warm outside. We want bike rides. We want picnics. We want swing-set appropiate weather. We want not-so-chilly parks. So instead of giving up and […] -- Find out more at

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The Loog Guitars Halloween Playlist

Things have been pretty busy here at Loog headquarters (you’ll see why soon, we promise!) but we thought we’d take some time to create yet another playlist for you.   Today’s theme? Obviously Halloween – there’s no reason for us not to love this candy-infested holiday that lets us be kids again by dressing up […] -- Find out more at

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The Loog Guitar Fall Playlist

Yes, we know it’s been fall for a while but, to be honest, we were having trouble coming to terms with it. Yet the time has come to finally accept the season change and live with it – embrace it, even. Just stomp on some dead leaves and have fun with it :-). And what […] -- Find out more at

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5 Fathers in Songs that Don’t Get Enough Credit

June 17 is Father’s Day in the US and, as we’ve told you before, we’ve gotten endless emails from dads telling us how much they love the Loog for their kids – and how much they enjoy borrowing it to play themselves. Some of them have even gone out to get a second Loog Guitar […] -- Find out more at

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