The Loog BB King Playlist – Or How to Turn a Frown into a Smile Today

B.B. King's Lucille

B.B. King’s Lucille

Today is a sad, sad day – the world has lost another amazing guitarist. And even though BB King will continue to inspire kids and adults for generations to come -as most passing musicians do- it’s always sad to say goodbye.

Today is the first of those days. Ever since we heard the news, we’ve been listening to the King of Blues nonstop, rediscovering partially-forgotten gems, reminiscing and sharing BB King tunes with each other. Surprisingly (or not), it made a seemingly crappy day end with a happier, bittersweet note. So for all of you mourning our King today, here’s a small sample of what we shared today, the day in which BB King turned from legend into legendary.

“Everybody wants to go to Heaven, but no one wants to die to get there!” – BB King

B.B. King In Concert - San Rafael, CA

This is just a sample – there are hundreds of more songs on YouTube and Spotify. Or, you could take Eric Clapton’s suggestion and find BB King Live at the Regal to listen to this weekend, along with your kids. They’ll probably thank you -and the King- later

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