Autumn in NY

The Loog Guitar Fall Playlist

Yes, we know it’s been fall for a while but, to be honest, we were having trouble coming to terms with it. Yet the time has come to finally accept the season change and live with it – embrace it, even. Just stomp on some dead leaves and have fun with it :-).

And what better way to do that than with a fall playlist to soothe our ears and warm our chilly limbs? Here are 12 songs we randomly picked out at Loog headquarters. Some are self-explanatory. Some even speak of winter but come on, California winters are smooth autumns for the East Coast (we’re looking at you, Mamas & the Papas). We’ve even got a neat case of music-ception with Regina’s Spektor’s On the Radio referencing Guns ‘N Roses’ November Rain.

Feel there are songs we left out? Tell us in the comments and we’ll add them!


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