Two Valentine’s Day-themed Songs to Learn on Your Loog!

Two Valentine’s Day-themed Songs to Learn on Your Loog!

The most romantic day of the year has arrived, but it’s all about the music here at Loog. Remember when you first fell in love with music? Every single tab, video and song we create gives us a new opportunity to maybe, just this time, finally succeed at making one kid fall in love with making music for the first time. So of course, this Valentine’s Day we’re throwing out TWO new songs for you to learn on your Loog. It’s double the chances for cupid’s arrow to actually hit!

Valentine's Day Tabs

I Love You (You Love Me) tab

You don’t need to be a guitar master to actually start feeling the love - in fact, it’s those super easy songs for beginners that usually hit the spot. You try it once… twice… three times. You practice. And lo and behold, you’re suddenly playing a recognizable tune. The feeling is hard to miss - and quit. Before you know it, you’re moving on to harder songs, harder strumming patterns and knock, knock, knockin’ on rockstardom’s door. Hey, hey, heeeeeey, hey!

Download the easy peasy 3-string guitar tab for “I Love You (You Love Me)” right over here in this link. 

Crazy Little Thing Called Love tab


Oh, so you’re ready for a crazy little advanced tab, are you? No worries - we’ve got you covered. Seasoned Loog players will be happy to master this iconic Queen classic. In fact, this is the same exact song we challenged our new rockstars to learn back in January. 

Check out the video above to see how well they did - and keep your eyes open on social media for our upcoming rockstar challenges. They’re online, free to attend, and you get a nifty t-shirt and diploma if you make it into our video mashup. Congrats to all the brave rockstars who dared try this out! (You can see videos from past editions of our Rockstar Challenges here, here, here and over here.) 

Download the 3-string guitar tab for “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen right over here in this link. 

Need a little reminder on how to read tab? No worries, check out the video below:


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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