Father's Day Ultimate 'Dad Rock' Playlist on Spotify

Ultimate Father’s Day “Dad Rock” Playlist

Happy Father's Day!

[TW: FEELING OLD] Yes. You read that right: “Dad Rock” Playlist. Now, now, we know you might have some questions. What is this playlist for? Is it only for dads? What the fret is “Dad Rock”!? And we are here to do our best to answer them.

You might have seen that the term ‘dad’ has become popular to describe certain things that dads usually do or have in common. We all know what a dad joke is, and we can picture what a dad shoe, a dad hat or what dad jeans look like. See where we’re going? So our first guess is that “Dad Rock” refers to the type of rock music a dad would listen to.

(And yes, we do realize dads are not the owners of any of these; the moms in our team wanted to make that clear.)

So what exactly is “Dad Rock” all about? 

We did our research on the term Dad Rock and found that it is most commonly used to refer to classic rock. However, the term was coined… umm… a few years ago. There are parents nowadays that didn’t grow up listening to classic rock, at all. Or if they did, it was because THEIR parents were into it.

Basically, what we once referred to as “Dad Rock” is now considered “Grandpa Rock” 😫. Which unfortunately means that “Dad Rock” has grown and evolved to encompass the music WE used to listen to when WE were young, before the entire having kids thing came up (yes, coincidentally, The Killers’ When You Were Young is now considered Dad Rock). 

Dad Rock now includes 80s rock bands, 90s rock bands and even some early 00’s acts. Were you one of those kids that thought listening to Linkin Park made them super edgy? Congratulations, you’re now listening to Dad Rock. Green Day? Dad Rock. Metallica?! Dad Rock. Ever reminisce with I Write Sins Not Tragedies? Ah yes, what a shame, what a shame, you’re listening to Dad Rock. 

The Ultimate Dad Rock Playlist

The moms in our team at this point would like to stress the fact that they, too, listened to all of this music when they were younger and, last time they checked, they hadn’t yet morphed into dads 😉 However, as it is Father’s Day today, we will let it slide as “Dad Rock” and get straight to our favorite part - rockin’ out.

Happy Father’s Day, everyone! You can find a complete song list below, but make sure you give yourself a treat and rock out to some of our fave Dad Rock classics with our Spotify playlist right over here. It is up to date with all the hip Dad Rock hits!

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