What Loog Guitar Should You Get?

Life is full of tough choices and we know choosing between the three Loog Guitars can be a bit overwhelming (right? Guys? Anyone?). Well, good news! We can help.

Instead of working, we spent all morning researching the different personality types that purchase each guitar and created a thoroughly scientific quiz to aid you in your tough decision. Or maybe we just invented the entire thing, but that’s for us to know and you to find out.

How? By taking the “What Loog Guitar Should You Get?” quiz below, of course! Maybe you’re a Loog I person pressured by society to get a Loog II. Or maybe you’re eyeing the Loog III but were meant to get a Loog I all along. Now you can know:


So what did you get? Let us know if you liked the quiz and we’ll make one for kids, also based on their personalities. We love to help out – even if it’s in the goofiest way possible Oh, and just to know which guitar is which:
Loog Guitars - The Loog I

Loog I

Loog Guitars - Loog II

Loog II

Loog Guitars - Loog III

Loog III

P.S.: Already got a Loog but it doesn’t match your personality? Not a problem: remember you can get just the body from our Loog Store. Don’t have a Loog? What are you waiting for?!

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