Why You Should Care About SOPA/PIPA


Copyright infringement is a huge issue across all industries and at Loog Guitars we are dead set against it. Yet we also think the internet is a great place in its current open, secure and free form.

Most of you probably already know about the SOPA and PIPA bills being dicussed in the US Congress, meant to stop piracy on foreign sites that affect US copyright. And a great majority of you might also already be aware of the ways in which SOPA and PIPA jeopardize freedom of expression online.

These two bills basically enable law enforcement to block any site containing or linking to copyrighted material without trial or notice, even if said material was uploaded by a user.

Remember the whole “innocent until proven guilty” concept we pride upon? SOPA and PIPA overrides it. Even if the accuser turns out to be wrong. Even if whoever uploaded the content wasn’t aware that the material was copyrighted. Even if said material is a just a tiny GIF containing a copyrighted image in its sequence or even if the link goes to a YouTube homemade video with a copyrighted song – the kind of material you could create and we might post in the Loog blog.

SOPA and PIPA censor the internet and attack the very core of what makes it such a great source of inspiration to all who thrive on creativity, sharing and even design.

Today, many sites on the web -including some of our favorite sites like Wikipedia, reddit, Questionable Content, The Oatmeal and XKCD– have decided to strike against both bills by going offline for 24 hours. We, on the other hand, will show our support by offering information and news on the matter throughout the day, via our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

For more information on SOPA and PIPA, Wikipedia has a thorough list of FAQs and plenty of information still available despite the blackout, as well as instructions on how to contact your elected representative to let them know you’re against censoring the web. This video also tells you pretty much everything that’s wrong with both bills:

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

Don’t let SOPA and PIPA become iron-clad laws. If we speak loudly enough, they won’t be able to ignore us. And if we show enough support, pro-SOPA and PIPA organizations like The Motion Picture Association of America might stop thinking this is all a gimmick. It’s in our hands.

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