Writing Songs on a Loog

Pip Blom - Loog BlogMeet Pip Blom, a really awesome 16 year-old from Amsterdam that is learning about the world of rock and pop, wants to start a band and dreams about playing her own EP live. (You should really listen to her SoundCloud, her low-key covers are great for a day like today. We especially loved her cover of Gorillaz’s Feel Good Inc.)

We’re telling you about her not just because her last video features Pip playing a Loog and singing a song she wrote herself. We also want to show you the blog post presenting the song. It’s obviously in Dutch but here’s what we got from several translations and some help from our friends:

My fingertips are petrified by the thick calluses from playing the guitar and every free minute I have I spend making songs, playing songs, practicing songs or writing lyrics.

I’ve decided that all my songs should be under the sacred three-minute boundary. And love it when they’re even less than 2 minutes long. Seems fit for a child raised by punk parents Plus I’m also playing the Loog guitar, a three-string guitar, as well as a regular guitar.

After a lot of hard work, I already have several songs. It’s no surprise that I do not want to share them all with you. But one occasional little song cannot hurt.

This is, therefore, the first one.

It’s called: I wanna go right now

Yes, she’s writing songs on a Loog. But the reason we loved this? It’s so relatable. Remember when you were a teenager infatuated with music, proud of those songs that you could finally call your own? Every long-time guitar player has been there at some point, dreaming of bands and EPs and feeling utterly proud of the thick calluses on their fingertips.

We love hearing about Loog Guitars being there for kids and adults who are learning to play. We love watching adults pamper their inner kids with just-for-fun jam sessions. We even have songs recorded using a Loog. But this is a first: it’s an honor to see the Loog being part of a song-writing dream. It’s what we hoped to see as Loog-sporting kids grew older. We never thought we’d be able to presence it this soon.

Here’s the video:


So thanks Pip for this. And keep working toward your dream! We’ll do our part by listening to your song and covers for all of today (which we really do love!).
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