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Loog Pro VI Electric

Loog Pro VI Electric

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A short-scale electric guitar! The Loog Pro VI Electric comes bundled with flashcards and free video lessons, making it easy for beginners to finally learn to play guitar.

  • Recommended: Ages 9+
  • Electric guitar strings and standard guitar tuning: Learn on a Loog, play any guitar.
  • Includes chord flashcards and free video lessons.
Color: Red

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We offer what we (and others) think is the best guitar for children. But it is true that there are many other options, some costing much less than a Loog. So why Loog? Most guitars for kids are simply cheap, small guitars. And because they have six strings anyway, the neck is still too wide for a child to play comfortably - let alone easily. Plus, cheap guitars tend to be cheaply made. It makes sense to avoid spending a fortune on a beginner's instrument, but by going with really bad quality, chances are your kid won’t feel engaged enough to play.

So what about ukuleles? Ukuleles are great - if what you want is a ukulele. The problem is that many people end up buying a ukulele because what they want is a small, portable, easy-to-play guitar. And if that’s what you want, we think a Loog is better suited for you.

Last but not least, when you get a Loog, you get more than just a guitar: you get an instrument bundled with a learning app, flashcards and video lessons. So when it comes down to value, Loog guitars are also a better option.


  • Body: Paulownia
  • Neck and fingerboard: Maple
  • Number of Frets: 19
  • Controls: Volume
  • Scale: 22.9" (582.0mm)
  • Length: 33.9" (860.0mm)
  • Width: 10.8" (272.5mm)
  • Depth: 2.5" (62.0mm)
  • Weight: 4.4lbs (2.0kg)


Can I play ANY song on a 3-string guitar?
Yes. In fact, a regular chord in a standard 6-string guitar is usually comprised of no more than 3 notes. Loog Guitars allow you to play real chords and any song. It will not sound as full as if it were played with a high-end, concert guitar, but because of that same reason it provides a more approachable experience; more suitable for kids and beginners. 


If I learn to play a Loog Guitar, can I then use those learnings to play a regular 6-string guitar?
Yes, playing a Loog is not entirely different from playing a traditional guitar, it is just simpler. Since we use the same first three strings -and tuning- of a six-string guitar, everything you learn on a Loog can later be applied on a standard guitar. The transition is natural and seamless. Likewise, you can buy books or go online to find the chords to your favorite songs, and use those same chord-tabs meant for six-string guitars to play on your Loog. You just need to pay attention to the finger-placement on the first three strings and simply ignore the other ones! 


What is the minimum age recommendation for Loog Guitars?
We recommend the Loog Mini for children 3 and up, the Loog Pro for kids 6 and up, and the Loog Pro VI for kids 9 and up. 


Is The Loog Guitar only for kids?
Absolutely not. We designed them for kids, but even the Loog Mini is certainly suitable for just anybody who likes to play guitar. We count parents, grandparents and even pro guitarists as some of our most loyal customers.


How do you tune a Loog Guitar?
Quick answer: GBE, from low to high.

Loog Guitars use the same first three strings -and tuning- of a six-string guitar. This is why everything you learn on a Loog can later be applied on a standard guitar.

Now, Loog Guitars are all about exploration, so you can also use other string-configurations and tuning if you want to: Open A, Open G… whatever works for you.


Do you offer a left-handed Loog?
Yes we do! We are so excited to present our very first Left-handed Loog. Check it out! 

Should a beginner start with the acoustic model first and only then move to an Electric Loog?
Not really. In fact, some argue that it’s easier to start with an electric guitar, because the strings are closer to the fretboard and that makes them more comfortable to play. We suggest going with whatever model you like best.


I am interested in purchasing the Loog for a school. Do you offer special pricing for institutions?
We actually do. Please visit our Educators page to learn more.


  • Guitar 🎸
  • Flashcards 🃏
  • Picks 💛
  • Download code for the Loog Guitar app 📱


🎸 Guitar

📱 Learning App

🃏 Chord Flashcards

👩‍🏫 Video Lessons

🕹 Game-Like Exercises


Playing a musical instrument helps children benefit in almost every level: it enhances their cognitive skills while fostering creative thinking and their ability to focus. With Loog, kids are playing and having fun from the very beginning, acquiring skills that stay with them forever.


The Loog Pro VI is small, fun and cute, but it's not a toy: it's a real guitar, made out of real wood, that projects a sweet, beautiful sound that's unbelievable for a guitar of this size and price.


    Games, video lessons, a learn-to-play songbook with 200 songs by The Beatles, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and more, and even an interactive TV show. The all-new Loog Guitar app is designed to get kids playing, learning and falling in love with music, all year long.


    A suite of lessons, games, stories, songs and even a TV show, all designed to get kids playing, learning and falling in love with music. Includes full access to:

    • The Loog Guitar School
    • The Loog Guitar App
    • The Loog Guitar Show
    • Digital Songbook


    We started Loog not just to help kids play guitar, but to foster curiosity around music. From Beatles and Prince, to the history of punk rock, to the science of sound waves, to why there are so many metal bands in Finland 🤓

    With Loog, kids get to play, learn and fall in love with music right from day one!


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    Lynn L.
    United States United States

    something went wrong

    I am a huge Loog fan and booster; during the pandemic, we discovered the 3-string acoustic mini and the 3-string electric, and my kids had a blast learning and experimenting with these instruments. The 3-string electric we bought uses a 9-volt battery you can replace, and it has a built-in amp. So great. We did eventually get the plug-in amp for added fun, and then over the holidays I got the 6-string electric on sale so we could move beyond 3 strings. My bad, I didn't take it out the box for a very long time. When I did, the first thing I did was try to install a 9-volt battery, and realized that the battery for the 6-string seems to be built-in permanently? not sure if it is even replaceable? And the frets are very rough and scratchy, they need sanding or something, and it appears you have to use it with the plug-in amp. Extremely bad opposite experience from the prior instruments. I think it is just a one-off with this particular item. I thought I must have missed some specs/details , but now that I see the other reviews, it is clear that this instrument is NOT up to Loog standards, and is NOT described accurately in comparison with all the other Loog models. I will still try to use it to learn 6-string chords, but we are actually going to stick with the 3-string electric as our go-to guitar.

    Demetri S.
    United States United States

    Same as the experience below - The implied Built-In Amplifier is False Advertising

    My 9 year old son wanted one gift for Christmas; A 6-string mini electric guitar with a built in amplifier. Based on product description, Loog videos hosted all over on social media/online, and all Loog materials... This guitar is supposed to come with a built-in Amplifier (other reviews are echoing the exact same surprising disappointment). My son was also disappointed on Christmas morning to learn that "dad got his gift wrong." Unfortunately, it was Loog's marketing mistakes that got it wrong. The worst part? Loog customer service refused to own up to their mistake. They want us to pay restocking fees and shipping for their mistake. I would turn to a different option if you are in the market for a youngster guitar. I sold guitars for many years to pay through college and aside from false advertising and poor customer service - These overpriced guitars are built in Indonesia and feel like toys. No intonation, they don't stay in tune, the action is too high out of the box, and they are simply overpriced even at Black Friday prices.

    Travis S.
    United States United States

    Missing all internal electronics

    Kids opened on Christmas, tried to play with, and found that it was missing all the internal electronics. Very disappointing lack of quality control…