A chord is what happens when you play 3 notes at the same time. Chords are great because every single song out there is built on chords: pop, heavy metal, tango, classic rock… if it’s a song, it has chords.

The not-so-great thing about chords is that they can be complicated to master for beginners; especially chord progressions. (That is: playing a chord and then playing another chord, all while keeping up with the song’s rhythm.) 

The cool thing about Loog guitars is that, because they only have three strings, they make it way easier to play chords than a regular guitar: there are less things to learn and less simultaneous things to pay attention to. And because you’re still able to play three notes at the same time, you can play ANY song on a Loog guitar.

Another great thing about Loog guitars is that, because they are tuned exactly the same way as the top three strings of a regular six-string guitar, whatever you learn here also applies on those guitars. That is: transitioning to a six-string guitar will be natural and easy. Likewise, you can read music notation and chord tabs meant for six-string guitars and use them to play on a Loog too: you just need to focus on the finger placement on the 3 treble strings and simply ignore the other ones.
We have a handy chord chart that you can download here and here are video lessons for all the main chords: the ones most commonly used on songs.
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