7 Best Musical Dads (And Their Kids) on YouTube

Seven Best Musical Dads on YoutubeMost of us probably got excited for music as kids, with our parents being the number one reason why. It’s no secret: take musical parents and musical kids will probably follow. And even if they don’t, playing or listening to music together always creates the best kinds of memories (and we already know what music actually does to kids’ brains as well).

Today, the internet allows parents and kids to share these memories just minutes after creating them. After filming, it only takes one upload to YouTube for a musical moment to be instantly shared with the world. So for Father’s Day (which is just one week away), we decided to honor those dads who share music with their kids and create awesome memories along the way. From home videos to full-blown produced gems, these are our favorite musical dad picks. Let us know if we missed any!

1. Alexa and Jorge
This is not their most-viewed video, but their appearance on America’s Got Talent is the cutest out there. 7 year-old Alexa and her dad Jorge cover ‘Home’ together and you just know that little girl’s overflowing curiosity is going to get her places. Too adorable for words.

2. Embarrassing Dancing Dad
Most people call this dad embarrassing – we call him awesome. Not only is he stuck at an electronic festival with his son, but he makes the best of it and just feels the music, man. Watch those moves! Best dad ever.

3. Dad and Kids Sing Bohemian Rhapsody
We love this video because it’s so relatable. Singing along to tunes on the radio while in the car is a childhood staple. Singing along with dad and siblings to Queen? Video-worthy.

4. Toddler Dancebombing Dad’s Gig
So you’re a musical dad and you score this New Year’s Eve gig and bring your family along. And then your toddler jumps into stage and steals the show. And it is AWESOME.

5. Dad and Son Cover The Beatles
We shared this video with you this week but the sheer adorableness factor still stands high. Just do us a favor and sing along: “DON’T LEEET ME DOOOOOOOWN!”

6. Twins Dance Along to Dad’s Guitar
Another classic, this time made better by a little bit of old school complicity. Just look at them before they bust out their moves – they’re totally thinking “That’s our jam!” Plus, we found out the two girls are still dancing to the same tune at 19 months old.

7. DMK Cover Depeche Mode
DMK stands for Dicken (the dad), Milah and Korben (the kids), who have a whole set of videos where they cover Depeche Mode using traditional and improvised instruments. The best part? They never get old.

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