Ella Fitzgerald for Kids

Ella Fitzgerald for Kids

Ella Fitzgerald was born on a day like today (April 25) but way back in 1917 - this means today would’ve been her 105th birthday! And still, her songs remain as current as ever, as forever classics in the soundtracks to our lives. 

It’s basically a guarantee that listening to an Ella Fitzgerald song will mentally transport you somewhere. For some people, it’s their childhood they return to. For other people, it’s a particular city or location. For some of us, an era in time, a specific movie, a mood. 

This is no different for kids! And it’s perhaps this timeless aspect to her music that inspired us to dedicate a brand new edition of Musicians for Kids to her. 

Of course, we also have the perfect soundtrack for this post; you can check out our Ella Fitzgerald for Kids playlist on Spotify right over here. And if you’re here just to download the 3-string tab for “Dream a Little Dream of Me”, here’s the link you need. 

Explore our fave Ella Fitzgerald songs in this specially-curated playlist on Spotify or play along to “Dream a Little Dream of Me” on your 3-string Loog by following the tab in this link

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