Giving Tuesday 2022: Bringing Music to Every Kid

Giving Tuesday 2022: Bringing Music to Every Kid

Our main purpose at Loog is to get more and more kids interested in music. The benefits of learning to play an instrument when young are well-known (though you can check out this post if you need a recap). But our fave, by far, is that learning to play an instrument works wonders on kids’ self-esteem - and confident kids are actually more empathetic, and less likely to participate in bullish behaviors. This is why we see each new mini rockstar as a little step further into making the world a better place - one confident kid at a time. 

Unfortunately, this is not the easiest of tasks. Music programs around the world are the first to go when times get economically rough. Our busy lifestyles can sometimes get in the way of long-term music education. And for the kids who most need it -those who really need the confidence to thrive in today’s world- access to instruments can be seriously difficult, if not impossible. 

Thankfully, not all heroes wear capes - some simply teach music. Ever since we first started this journey 11ish years ago, we’ve always gone out of our way to get involved in some of the most interesting and necessary music programs in the world. We’ve made great friends along the way, most of them passionate educators who wish to encourage kids to have the outlet they had when growing up: music. 

This year wasn’t any different. We started off by fulfilling last year’s Giving Tuesday promise, donating a percentage of all proceeds to the “One Child, One Instrument” program, focused on teaching kids and teens from Latin America how to play orchestra instruments, as a way to broaden access to culture through musical learning. 

Later in the year, we partnered with the Playing for Change foundation, donating all returned (fully functional) Loog guitars to music education programs serving minorities and children in need. And not just in the US. This year, some of our guitars even made the journey to the Playing For Change Patagonia music program in Argentina!


Both of these initiatives join a growing group of wonderful organizations we’ve partnered with in the past - from the Save The Music Foundation to smaller, volunteer-driven initiatives in schools and neighborhoods in both the US and abroad. 

We’ll definitely continue our work in this direction over all of 2023 - however, we’d love it if you could pitch in! All you need to do is purchase anything from our store (yes, anything) and we’ll donate a percentage of all proceeds from today towards our efforts next year. Stay tuned to see what organization or initiative we’ll partner up next! And if you’re interested in collaborating with us, don’t fret - drop Eugenia a line and we’ll get back to you soon. Cheers and THANK YOU! 

The Loog Team

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