Your Kid’s Brain on Music Infographic – Updated 2015 Version

Music helps kids grow upWe’re really busy at Loog HQ working on some very, very cool new stuff we’ll be showing you shortly. (By the way, if you’re the nostalgic type, we recommend you take a long, hard look at today before we finally bid it goodbye. It’s going to be legendary!)

But while you wait, we thought it’d be cool to update one of the posts you guys have shared the most: our “Your Kid’s Brain on Music” infographic from way back when. We’ve revamped its style and design, as well as laid it out in web form so you can access all of the information in a jiffy. But, amazingly, the “info” part of it remains the same – learning to play music still plays a huge part in brain development and all of its side-effects continue to blow people’s minds today.

Your Kid's Brain on Music

Kids learning to play music still find it easier to pick up foreign languages, even years after they stopped playing. And they also tend to get better SAT scores – both in the verbal and maths tests! Plus, music makes them nicer, helps put an end to playground bullying and is one of the best ways to make sure they stay in school – and do better at it. What’s not to love?

So here’s the Your Kid’s Brain on Music infographic in web form, and here’s where you can download a Portrait or Landscape printable version to hang up on your wall. Enjoy!

Infographic Your Kid's Brain on Music

P.S: Please send pictures if you do end up hanging it up on a wall – we love jumping up and down with excitement.

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