Introducing #LoogFest: An Online Festival for Kids and Families

Introducing #LoogFest: An Online Festival for Kids and Families

(We're already on weekend 4 of #LoogFest. You can check out our first recap with Daniel Donato and Caspar Babypants here, our second weekend with Rebecca Feynberg and Darryl Jones here, stay tuned for our remaining recaps, and scroll down to see who's going to be blowing our minds this upcoming weekend!)
We’re thrilled to launch Loog Fest today, the first (we think!) online festival for kids and families, broadcast live from Loog Guitars’ instagram account. Ready for a new reason to love weekends? 
We wanted to do something We wanted to bring you something. We wanted to offer a platform for artists to work these days. And we wanted to create something that families can enjoy at home, together, for free.
Loog Fest
That's how Loog Fest was born: concerts, music lessons, science projects, cartoons, interviews and simply random interesting stuff. We have a Rolling Stone, a Miles Davis bass player (hint: they are the same guy), designers, musicians, teachers, guitar people… it's like Coachella, but from your couch. 
Oh, and it's completely free and family-friendly. All you have to do is show up to our Instagram.


Loog Fest Lineup
Here's what you can expect: 
  • Darryl Jones: A friendly chat with the bass player of the Rolling Stones and former bass player of Miles Davis (and Sting, and Madonna, and…) on music, instruments, education and touring the world. 
  • Paul Frank: The one and only Paul Frank, creating a vinyl guitar strap from scratch! 
  • Chris Ballew (Caspar Babypants, The Presidents of the United States of America): Join us for a live Q&A with this 3-string pioneer and multi-talented artist, talking about his 20th album for kids.
  • Daniel Donato: cosmic country guitar heaven, by one of Nashville’ best new guitar players. 
  • Lucky Díaz: Our favorite kindie artist with a gig that’s just for kids (ok, maybe parents can watch as well).
  • Juan Wuaters: A live gig from a Brooklyn indie sensation with a hard-to-beat sound.
  • Josh Scott: The founder of JHS Pedals will delight us in a session of all things… well, pedals.
  • Richard Upchurch from Brand New Noise: A live chat with the creator of the coolest lo-fi instruments ever. 
  • Fabi Reyna: One of our favorite people in this industry: the woman who actually changed the world for female guitarists everywhere with She Shreds magazine.
  • Rebecca Feynberg: A session on electronic music production for kids, by this amazing STEAM Specialist.
  • Melissa Salguero: Enjoy the best music class ever with winner of the 2018 GRAMMY Music Educator Award and GLOBAL Teacher Prize finalist herself.
  • Dave Sharp: Renown Kid Product Designer, former Product Design Manager at littleBits, showing us some fun experiments exploring the science of music.
  • Nico Bereciartúa: Enjoy a live gig from this slide-master and give new meaning to weekend blues.
  • Kim Tomsic: Chat with author of “Guitar Genius: How Les Paul Engineered the Solid-Body Electric Guitar and Rocked the World”, one of the best guitar books for kids, IMHO.
  • Jake Johnson: A handy class on how to record music on your iPad.
  • Emily Zimmer: Our fave Loog-certified teacher with an open class to get you playing songs on your Loog. 
  • And more!

Save the Date(s)!

Events will be held every Saturday at 5:30 PM and every Sunday at 4:00 PM during the entire months of May AND June, making your weekends at least a tiny bit more interesting - not only for kids but for parents as well.
Dave Sharp on Loog Fest
Kim Tomsic on Loog Fest
Jake Johnson on Loog Fest
Lucky Diaz in LoogFest
Paul Frank in LoogFest
Melissa Salguero on Loog Fest
Darryl Jones on Loog Fest
Rebecca Feynberg on Loog Fest
Daniel Donato on Loog Fest


Caspar Babypants on Loog Fest


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