Loog NYC Tour Roundup

Loog NYC Tour

This December we had our first ever Loog NYC Tour, where Loog founder Rafael Atijas hit the road to visit some of New York’s nicest stores. Tim Kubart, awesome kids’ artist and music instructor whom you might recognize from our #LoogAcademy videos, also came along for the ride.

Tim Kubart at the Loog NYC Tour

We hit Kidding Around and Babesta on Saturday, December 5, later showing up at Main Drag Music and Norman and Jules on Sunday. Long story short, we had a blast – parents who showed up were thrilled to see their kids learn a song in just over an hour with their Loog Guitars. Plus, if we may say so, several managed to score a brand new Loog for them their kids to play

Loog NYC Tour

It’s always really special to take things offline and actually meet Loog players face to face – we’re a mostly online shop and these opportunities are rare and deeply treasured. Plus, we love actually seeing for ourselves how kids and their families interact with the Loog, and how they choose to learn and bond over music together.

And as if that weren’t enough, we came back home to learn that Tim Kubart has actually been nominated for a Grammy in the Best Children’s Album category! So, meeting you all, hanging out with a bonafide Grammy nominee and taking in the sweet, sweet sounds of NYC in the Fall – can’t get better than this

Loog NYC Tour

PS: Quick reminder – remember you need to order your Loog before 12/17 to get it in time for Xmas and still qualify for free shipping! Here’s a quick link to the Loog Store in case you’re in need

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