New Fender Amps Now Available at the Loog Store!

We’ve had plans to include amps in our online store ever since we first started shipping the Electric Loog Guitar and that day is finally here! And we’re talking about Fender amps to boot

The most observant of you may have already noticed a couple new additions to the store during these last couple of days. And those of you who haven’t, here’s the deal: you can now purchase a Fender® MD-20 Mini Deluxe™ Amplifier, a Fender® Mini Tone-Master™ Amplifier, and a Fender® Performance 10′ Right Angle Guitar Cable right here at the Loog Store.

Fender amps for Loog Guitar

You’ll be amazed at how awesome your Electric Loog Guitar will sound with these two babies. Both one-watt, single-channel mini amps com with dual 2″ speakers, dedicated tones, volume and gain controls as well as 1/4″ headphone jack and 9V adapter jack. Just choose whether you wish to go the contemporary route or stick to something a bit more vintage 

Both amps are already available at the Loog Store.

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