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Happy birthday Ron Wood!

As with every birthday post, we were planning on creating a weekend playlist for you to enjoy but ended up bumping into this video instead. What’s inside? Ron Wood, guitars, guitars and more guitars – even some insight onto which one he uses for each song with the Stones. It’s like he’s looking right into […] -- Find out more at

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The Loog Unconventional Mother’s Day Playlist

You knew it was coming – and we’re just eager to please! This Sunday is Mother’s Day in most parts of the world and we couldn’t just let it pass without honoring the women who gave birth to and/or raised us. But, of course, there’s a twist. If years of therapy jokes have taught us […] -- Find out more at

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Loog Recommends: The 10 Best Movie Soundtracks of All Time

We’re having a real hard time getting excited about the Oscars this year (well, most years) and this led to a passionate discussion here at the Loog office over which movies we liked. After many passionate debates (“What do you mean Goodfellas is overrated, you hipster?!”) and embarrassing confessions (“Guys, I watched Juno five times!”), […] -- Find out more at

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Short and Sweet: Valentine’s Day Songs under Two Minutes

Ah, remember those good old days when every single date with the right person seemed way too short? Or those few seconds of heartbreak that seemed to go on forever after a break-up? Valentine’s Day is all about love and love definitely has its own little way of playing with time. So faced with this […] -- Find out more at

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