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The Effects of Music on YOUR Brain

We’ve covered how music affects your kids’ brains before, but when you get a Loog it’s certain that you, the adult, will also be subjeted to music for a greater portion of the day. Worse things can happen – and we’re here to show you. Welcome to the sweet world of the effects of music on your brain!

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Turn the Geek On: The Science Behind Music

Know what’s fun? Science. And know what’s even more fun? Music. So imagine the joy we experience when they both meet. Here at Loog, we spend an unhealthy amount of time trying to figure out how music actually affects the brain (as our Your Kid’s Brain on Music infographic shows) and the entire science behind […] -- Find out more at

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6 Experiments for Kids

You know that thing when you have kids where you’re now once again socially allowed to enjoy certain things you used to be too grown up to do? Fun, simple DIY experiments are one of those things. From the dead-easy to the “you definitely need an adult for this”, just getting stuff lying around your […] -- Find out more at

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