Tips to help your kid learn guitar (even if you don't play yourself)

Tips to Help Your Kids Learn Guitar (Even If You Don’t Play Yourself!)


Tips to help your kid learn guitar (even if you don't play yourself) 

When asked which instrument their kids want to learn, 22% of parents shared that their kids wanted to learn how to play the electric guitar. If your child is showing any interest in playing the electric guitar, it might be time to support them by providing them with the equipment they need.

Do you know how your kid can benefit from learning an instrument? Researcher Maryam Clark explains that musical training improves children's cognitive skills, with a study finding that kids who play instruments were better at attention and memory recall activities than their peers with no musical training. The executive functions in the brain are also greatly enhanced, which is responsible for improving reading skills, increasing creativity, and promoting a better quality of life.

This is why so many experts recommend parents to encourage and support children when they show interest in playing music. Apart from the cognitive benefits, learning how to play an instrument enables kids to learn a universal language of humankind! 🎵

Want to help your kids learn guitar? Here are a few tips that you can follow, even if you don’t play yourself:

Learn Things One Step At a Time

It’s important to remember that learning something new takes time and practice. Whether you're teaching your child yourself, or they are taking guitar classes, they need to focus on the basics right away to not form bad habits. It’s also helpful to break down lessons into shorter practice sessions instead of a full hour of learning and practice. Children can have low boredom thresholds, as well as feeling overwhelmed and frustrated when they make mistakes, which could quickly lead them to lose interest.

Lastly, be patient with your child when they make mistakes. Reassure them that no one becomes a great musician overnight and that they can further improve their skills with enough practice.

Make It Part of Their Routine

One of the ways to master a skill is by practicing it consistently. If you want your child to learn how to play the guitar while also building their self-discipline, make their practice sessions a part of their routine. Self-Discipline by Adam Brown shares that discipline is the most effective way to achieve a goal, especially in our fast-paced world. Because there are so many distractions nowadays, it’s necessary to help them practice by scheduling their guitar study sessions and removing any possible distractions around them during this time.

You should also set achievable goals for your child each day so that they can see that they are progressing. This will teach them to focus their attention on improving. If you actively support your child by creating a conducive learning environment, you can help them become better at playing music and boost their confidence!

Listen to Music with Them

People play instruments because they love music, and you can help develop your child's relationship with music. To inspire your little rockstar, play music that feature the best guitar performances! This will familiarize your child with different music styles at an early age. We recently shared our ‘Ultimate Father’s Day Dad Rock Playlist’, which features some of our favorite 'Dad Rock' songs that you can listen to with your little ones 😉

In conclusion, there’s no need to become a professional musician yourself to help your child learn how to play the guitar. By being patient with them, supporting their guitar practices, and developing their love for music, you can help your child pursue their musical passion!

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