Loog for Education

"I have used Loog Guitars to teach hundreds of students. We’ve seen a significant change in kids who, since playing a Loog, are more confident and interact better with peers. Thanks to Loog Guitars, I can have a class of students all playing a song together within 15 minutes on their first day.”

David Mills (The Neighborhood Music School)

Loog in the classroom

With Loog Guitars, kids feel rewarded from the very beginning. This results in a more engaged class; one with students who want to keep on learning. We are honored to have won a "Best Tools for Schools" award at the 2013 NAMM Show, when music teachers from the U.S. voted for Loog as the Best Elementary Student Teaching Tool.



Loog Guitars provide an opportunity to fully embrace STEAM education, as they combine the mathematic and physical comprehension of notes, creative exploration and group interaction. Our free Educator Guide shows how to integrate Loog Guitars to your current curriculum, and how Loog can coexist with traditional teaching methods, such as Suzuki, Kodály and Orff.


Loog Guitars are powerful tools for learning and we are committed to making them accessible to all. We offer a discount on bulk orders for academic institutions and a 15% discount on Loog Pro and Loog Mini guitars for individual teachers and students.

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