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Orba 2

Orba 2

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Here’s a product we’ve admired for a long time! Designed by our friends (and fellow Kickstarter alumni) at Artiphon, the Orba 2 is a fun and powerful device that lets you create songs in seconds in a really innovative way. Its endless possibilities make it the perfect musical exploration tool for kids and adults alike, and it’s super fun to play along a Loog guitar!

Artiphon’s Orba 2 lets you play Drum, Bass, Chord, and Lead parts to create songs in seconds. Choose from hundreds of real instrument sounds and even make your own with the Artiphon Connect app. Play your favorite apps like GarageBand using MIDI over USB or Bluetooth. Orba 2 has a built-in speaker, headphone jack, and over five hours of battery life, so you can take Orba 2 anywhere you go.

Please note that the Orba 2 can only be shipped within the US and Canada.

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