Regina Spektor for Kids

Regina Spektor for Kids

Not all rockstars play guitar in a band. With a unique blend of storytelling, whimsy, and a dash of musical genius, Regina Spektor and her piano made it all the way to the ears of millions of people. Some even say she made playing piano in pop music cool. And if you're familiar with Loog Guitars, you might've noticed we're in the midst of launching our very own Loog Piano, a 3-octave digital piano for children and grown-ups, with musician-grade sound and design, on Kickstarter. This presents the perfect opportunity to teach little ones all about Regina Spektor!

Regina Spektor has the ability to weave enchanting tales through her songs, crafting melodies that resonate with listeners of all ages. Her music is like a secret garden, filled with vibrant characters, vivid landscapes, and emotions that dance like fireflies in the night. Whether your little rockstar is taking their first steps into the world of music or has already fallen in love with songs, Regina Spektor's music is a delightful addition to any enthusiast's playlist.

Today, we'll embark on a whimsical journey through Regina Spektor's world and explore why her music is the perfect soundtrack for your little ones' imaginative adventures. From playful piano chords to lyrics that ignite curiosity, Regina Spektor's songs are sure to captivate the hearts and minds of kids (and adults, too!), perhaps even inspiring them to become budding musicians and storytellers themselves.

It's time to grab your musical compass and set forth on a journey into a world of magical melodies, piano keys, and delightful stories. We've crafted the perfect Spotify Playlist for the occasion, and for those up for a challenge, we've prepared a 3-string guitar tab for "Fidelity," one of Regina Spektor's most cherished songs. But that's not all! Since we're incredibly excited about our new Loog Piano, we've also created a music sheet for "Fidelity" that you can download right here, which you can play as soon as your Loog Piano arrives. Let's dive in!

 Regina Spektor for KidsRegina Spektor for KidsRegina Spektor for KidsRegina Spektor for KidsRegina Spektor for KidsRegina Spektor for KidsRegina Spektor for KidsRegina Spektor for KidsRegina Spektor for KidsRegina Spektor for Kids

Listen to our specially curated "Regina Spektor for Kids" Spotify Playlist right here. And learn to rock "Fidelity" on your Loog guitar, by downloading the 3-string tab right here! And if you're up to try the piano version, you can do so by downloading the music sheet to "Fidelity" right here. Don't worry - it's beginner friendly! 😉

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