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Loog Guitars Independence Day Playlist

You knew it was coming! July 4 is the only day in the year in which we’re allowed to be all AMURRIKUH and not feel guilty about it… or at least the day where people won’t look weird at us when we do. And since we’re very partial to celebrating with music, we made a […] -- Find out more at

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Pip Blom Does It Again With First Loog-Centric Album Ever

**UPDATE: Pip Blom and the Loog got featured on TechCrunch because of her new album! You can read that story here (they also liked Pip’s album, so don’t just take our word for it).** Last time we talked about Pip Blom we mused about how relatable it was for us to read about her experience […] -- Find out more at

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7 Best Musical Dads (And Their Kids) on YouTube

Most of us probably got excited for music as kids, with our parents being the number one reason why. It’s no secret: take musical parents and musical kids will probably follow. And even if they don’t, playing or listening to music together always creates the best kinds of memories (and we already know what music […] -- Find out more at

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National Bike Month at Loog Guitars

In case you haven’t heard yet, May is National Bike Month. All over the country people are finally daring to ride their bikes and enjoy the welcoming change in weather. May 8 was Bike to School Day and today, Friday 17, is Bike to Work Day. Why an entire month to celebrate riding a bike? […] -- Find out more at

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6 Awesome Mother’s Day Rock Star Mom Songs

Mother’s Day might be flowers and cute cards and breakfast in bread, but it’s also a great day to remember how much moms actually rock. And when it comes to music, they quite literally do. We’ve talked in the past about the great divide between female and male rock stars and how our own numbers […] -- Find out more at

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